Health Science Education

Health Science Education Series

Instructors know the reality - Many areas of health education can't be covered with the limited time and resources available. As a result, students aren't given opportunities to explore different avenues and acquire the cross-training skills necessary to make an educated career choice within the health care field.

In response to this need, DEPCO Enterprises presents the Health Science Education Series. The two programs in this Series are correlated to the National Health Science Standards established by the National Consortium for Health Science Education to create an educationally sound, standards-driven curriculum with specific, hands-on skill sets. Both programs have also been correlated to many states. The two programs include:

Health Science Foundations

Eleven units totaling 120–150 hours delivered in a web browser format accompanied by lesson plans for instructor-led activities. Request free access to the website!

Career Pathways

A high-level, multimedia modular curriculum designed to give students knowledge and hands-on experience in specific career areas; educators can use the curriculum as either independent or lock-step group study.

Titles include: